Randy Dominguez, DVM


Dr. Randy Dominguez earned his degree as a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from the University of Las Villas Martha Abreu, Villa Clara, Cuba in 1997. He passed the board and obtained his license in 2007. He founded Animal Care and Surgical Hospital in February 14th, 2011.

Since 2008, Orthopedic and Minimally Invasive Arthroscopy Surgery has developed into his passion and primary professional activity as well as Spine and Soft tissue Surgery, he’s currently one of the few doing Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic and Thoracoscopic procedures. Dr. Dominguez has completed over 1000 hours of course-work alone in Orthopedics, Soft Tissue, Spine and Minimally Invasive Procedures as well as Flexible and Rigid Endoscopy. Dr. Dominguez has performed thousands of procedures, great part of them referred from Colleges and also providing Mobile Orthopedic, Soft tissue and Spine surgery to another Veterinary Clinics.

He is active member of the Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), Florida Veterinary Medical Association (FVMA), South Florida Veterinary Medical Association (SFVMA) and Cuban Veterinary College.
In his free time, he enjoys running, working out, studying and spending time with his wife and sons, family, friends and his dogs Sally and Cookie.

Just to mention a few of the courses Dr. Dominguez has assisted over these years….

1. Universal Hip Workshop Total Hip Replacement, The Ohio State University, June 19-20, 2019.
2. VA3- Veterinary Arthrology Advancement Association (Advanced Orthopedic/ Arthroscopy) Naples, August 2018.
3. Advanced Laparoscopic & Thoracoscopic Surgery. Georgia, September 2017.
4. Flexible & Rigid Endoscopy. Las Vegas, January 2017.
5. AVBP Specialty & Recertification Examination Preparation. NAVC Institute. Orlando, May 2016.
6. Minimally Invasive Joint Surgery & Arthroscopy. Las Vegas, June 2015.
7. Advanced Spinal Surgery. Las Vegas, Jul 2013.
8. Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture- A Review. Ohio, May 2012.
9. Minimally Invasive Joint Surgery & Arthroscopy. Las Vegas, April 2012.
10. AO Advanced Techniques in Small Animal Fracture Repair. Ohio, April 2010.
11. Soft Tissue Surgery. NAVC Institute. Orlando, May 2010.
12. BioMedtrix Universal Hip Workshop. North Carolina, November 2010.
13. AO Principles of Small Animal Fracture Management. California, September 2009.
14. Three Months Externship Capital Area Veterinary Specialists. Texas, June-August 2009.
15. Orthopedic Surgery- Stifle Repair. NAVC Institute. Orlando, May 2009.
16. Orthopedics: Arthropathies Course. NAVC Institute. Orlando, May 2008.

Fernando Espinosa

Veterinary technician

Fernando has been working as a veterinary technician for 14 years. His friendly attitude towards clients and client’s pets is a very valuable trait for our hospital. He’s the type of person to go a step beyond to help our clients in their needs. He is an animal lover and the owner of Burry the cat which you may encounter by coming to our clinic. He loves to stay healthy and work out at the gym, he also loves to drink green tea. He would love to one day travel to various countries, although, he is scared of airplanes! His expertise is of a key role within our staff.

Ian Alvarez

Ian wants to be a future veterinary orthopedic specialist. Gaining lots of experience as a veterinary technician and surgical technician he hopes to understand the field better as he prepares himself to eventually apply to veterinary school. His dream is to one day open a hospital which can offer a wide range of surgeries and treatments for animals in need. When he has free time, he loves to spend it watching veterinary shows and other series with his girlfriend and his Belgian Malinois, “Kai”. His professional outlook and curiosity for the field is key within our staff.

Dary Burcet

Dary is an exceptional receptionist with great customer service experience. Having worked as a department manager for a franchise food restaurant beforehand, her skill set brings dependable results. She loves animals and has a big heart for them. Usually, she will stay a few minutes extra after her shift making sure all the animals are happy and comfortable before she leaves. She is studying to become a police officer and maybe branch out into the K9 unit. On her free time she loves to hang out at the gun range or at the gym. Her value for the customer and their loved ones is key within our staff.

Antonella Ponce

Antonella is a young technician who would liked to pursue a career in the veterinary medicine field as a Doctor. She currently attends Florida International University in search of her bachelors in the field of biological sciences. On her spare time, Antonella likes to volunteer in the SPCA horse ranch as well as the Miami Dade Shelter/ Animal services. For Antonella, healthy living is essential, such as going to the gym. Her kindness and will to learn is key within our staff.

Roberto Novoa

Roberto has worked for our hospital for about 2 years now as a veterinary technician. Before us he worked in Spain as a DVM. Roberto loves to teach and is willing to explain to the customers anything they might not understand. Roberto enjoys dancing, walking and studying in his free time. Roberto would like to pursue the board certification here in the United States as well. While living in Spain Roberto became a huge fanatic of soccer and still follows it today. His positive attitude is key within our staff.

Dr. Lazaro Cepero

Doctor Cepero Graduated from Veterinary Medicine in Cuba in 2007. He is a great doctor with continuous knowledge who earned his board certification here in the United States. He loves internal medicine, pathology and laboratory. He loves to spend his free time with his wife and kids. He hopes to learn more day by day and further enrich his profession. His dedication and commitment is key within our staff.